We welcomed visiting speaker, Alison Marsden from Gardening by Design who gave a talk with slides entitled “wildlife friendly gardening and great for people too!”


It was very interesting to think about how easy it is to do small things in the garden to  support the local wildlife from tiny bugs and beetles to birds and butterflies and if you are determined, how to encourage or discourage the larger animals like squirrels and badgers.

Website for further info and ideas:



Thank you to Vanessa who gave a very informative talk with power point slides all about Viruses and Vaccines. 

The science is fascinating and reminds us that we are at the mercy of micro-organisms everywhere. It seems that viruses attack other living organisms including bacteria and can rapidly disintegrate them in a mere 30 seconds. Fortunately, as much more complex organisms human beings are more able to fight back creating our own methods of defence.

In this current Covid Pandemic this was a useful source of inspiration and reassurance as Vanessa explained the different types of vaccines that have been developed around the world and how they work. 

Years ago vaccines generally involved introducing a small amount of the virus or infection to encourage our bodies to create antibodies to attack specific pathogens and initiate our bodies immune response which includes creating phagocytes to engulf and consume them.  Our bodies can then build up an army of antibodies and therefore be better prepared for further invasions.

Today it is down to the actual DNA and identifying the specific parts of the virus that allow it to enter our bodies. The vaccines prime our bodies to respond and fight the invading virus more effectively if we get exposed to Covid 19.



  • You may have seen information about the Huxley Cup competition.  WIs are invited to design a planted area that could be recreated within their local community. The planted area can be designed for any season, themed to reflect the spirit of the WI, local community, or which tells a special story.
    Deadline for entries is Friday 27 August 2021
    Please contact Stephanie if you would like to join our team  -


    • NFWI Board of Trustees elections. Details are in the WI Life magazine which you will have received by post a few weeks ago. Annette Smith is our local West Kent member who is standing for election. Stephanie will collate the votes for this so please send them to her before 31st

    • Don’t forget the lovely flamingo cards sold by Angela.
      She very kindly donates 10% to Hadlow WI. We have catalogues, please ask one of WI Committee. Caroline is also happy to process orders for you.

    • Don’t forget out local shops here in Hadlow. The Village Bakery is struggling to keep afloat at the moment. As well as bread and cakes they do lovely Pizza on Thursdays (pre-order the day before) £4.99 each.

    • Please keep in touch with your buddy from the Committee. If you have any ideas about small group events you would like to be involved in eg reading group, coffee morning or craft group please pass on your ideas and keep in touch. It would be very much appreciated if you could lead a session on zoom eg a quiz night or a craft or recipe idea.

    • We continue to collect bras for Africa so if you are having a sort out please drop round to Caroline.

    • Shirley is sleeping on the floor for two weeks to raise money to buy much needed beds for children and their families in Ethiopia. If you would like to make a donation please go to