Hadlow WI was reformed in 2010 and meets on the third Tuesday of every month.   Meetings are held at Hadlow Village Hall in Williams Field, Marshall Gardens. Occasionally there are outings in the summer when we might go on a walk or a visit.

2022 Programme


Summer BBQ - food provided, bring your own drinks


Retro Games Night


The History of Pins and Needles - an illustrated talk


Our Birthday Party with entertainment by a Barber Shop Quartet


Talk TBA


Christmas Festivities

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The WI is now the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK.   Hadlow WI is part of Kent-West Kent Federation of WI’s and in turn they are part of the National Federation of Women’s Institutes, linking all members together. The WI is all about inspiring women and we do our best at Hadlow by endeavouring to put together a varied  programme of speakers and activities to meet our members' interests.

How do I join?

Each WI can be very different so you may need to visit a few before you discover the one that’s right for you. There is no obligation to join when you visit, but you will be asked to pay a small visitors fee (currently Hadlow WI charges visitors £4).

Check the programme to see what's on and come along and meet us - we are a friendly bunch.

If you subsequently want to join us then there's a simple registration form and a membership fee to pay.

How much is membership?

The National Federation of Women’s Institute Board of Trustees has set the membership subscription for the year April 2022- March 2023 at £44.00, the same level as last year.
The subscription is divided as follows:

    •     £21.60 of the subscription is kept by Hadlow WI
    •     £10.30 will go to West Kent Federation
    •     £12.10 will go to the NFWI

Membership renewals are due in April 2022.

New members joining the WI for the first time will pay a pro-rata subscription depending on the quarter in which they join. The rate per quarter is shown below:

  •   1 Apr – 30 Jun   £44.00
  •   1 Jul – 30 Sep    £33.00
  •   1 Oct - 31 Dec     £22.00
  •   1 Jan - 31 Mar    £11.00

WI members can belong to more than one WI, by paying the full membership fee to the first WI, and a further £21.60 to any additional WIs at any time of the year.  There is no pro-rata rate for dual membership

What does my membership entitle me to?

Membership gives you access to all our meetings (12 per year)  and any social events (additional costs may apply) as well as the national magazine -WI  Life delivered direct to your door (eight times a year), a voucher booklet and the ability to vote on WI resolutions and for the Hadlow WI committee.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any questions about membership and fees please use our contact form in the Contact Us tab and a member of the committee will get back to you.

Our Next Meeting


16th August 2022

@ 7.30pm

Retro Games Night

Why not bring along an old favorite!

Visitors and new members welcome